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Our company is building fuel cell key component used to assemble the entire product. We develop Proton
Exchange Membrane and catalyst.

Our product will be very useful and essential to transportation industry and energy storage for big industries especially solar cell industry. When the sun or wind will be blowing no more fuel cell can convert water into Hydrogen for storage, which in turn can be compressed back to power connected homes in remote Areas.

One of the best advantage about Fuel Cell is the cleanliness as well as power density it can provide.

We are a startup proving R&D in science field that gives us a privilege to doing research, therefore the technology can continue to evolve with better system technology in the sector. Support us to bring real device to market.

Building Fuel Cell Technology


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Kigali, Rwanda


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W Renewable energy is becoming an important section of our economical change. Radical change in energy sector is inevitable. Fuel Cell Technology is one way to help us through change the life we are living today.


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